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Denia | Empty Tombs And Bodies Missing

When you visit the graves or tombs of your loved ones you expect the body of that person to be in the tomb .Not so in Denia .Horrified relatives tending to the tombs of family say that they discovered the tombs empty when they arrived .It now seems that the bodies were exhumed without telling the families what they were doing .
Angry residents say that where the remains of their loved ones used to be were just bricks and and bags of cement .
The councillor in charge of the cemeteries says that all relatives were called and that he is ” very sorry ” if anyone is upset .He went on to say that if people didn´t know then it was because their data had not been updated .
Many of those exhumed had been in situ for many decades and it is highly likely that information was out of date -
The reason for the removal is to carry out repairs on the niches as the roof was leaking and was in danger of collapse .The moving of a body was not permanent and would only be for a maximum of a day .He went on to say that the removal was done with great respect and dignity .

Denia | Better Protection For Animals On Balearia Ferries

Balearia is the ferry company which runs crossings from Denia on the Spanish Costa Blanca to Ibiza and Formentera in the Balearic Islands .They have just announced improvements to their on board pet transport facilities which will help the owners of the 35,000 animals that travel on them , feel safer .
They have replaced their animal cages to provide greater comfort and ventilation for pets .They have also fitted awnings on outside areas to protect the animals from sun and rain .They will also be fitted with a fine spray of water to keep animals cool in the heat of the summer .
Four of the ferries do have areas where owners can actually be with their pets during the journey .All craft will now have visiting hours when passengers can check on their pets during a journey . They have said that greater attention will be given to the disinfection and cleaning of the pet areas on a daily basis to ensure that if any animal is suffering from an infectious disease or condition these do not spread to animals on the next crossing .

Javea | Taxpayers Fund Repairs To School

The Valencia regional government has refused to fund to schools in Javea on the Spanish Costa Blanca .The work was regarded as crucial by Javea town hall and so it has had to be done out of town hall funds .The repairs that needed doing were to showers in one school and toilets in another .The requests for funding were either ignored or the council was fobbed off with some excuse .
Two primary schools have serious structural defects .In one an entire ceiling fell down last year taking away the floor of the room above , forcing the council to pay for emergency works to prop it up .
Blinds on windows do not work which turns the classrooms into greenhouses when the sun shines in .The council has condemned the regional government for its treatment of them .One primary school has lost several reception classes , leading to teacher redundancy and the pupil teacher ratio rocketing .Now teachers left to teach infants have classes with up to 35 youngsters in them .All under the age of 5 years .They have to attempt to get these little ones ready to start the first class in primary .In fact pupil numbers are at their highest for the new academic year .

Benidorm | Charity Island Swim

Yesterday the 13th Benidorm Island swim took place on the Spanish Costa Blanca .This event is a joint collaboration between the Benidorm Town Hall and the Club Nautico.
The number of people who can participate is strictly limited to 260 men and 90 women .
These limits have been put in place for safety reasons and this quota was met within an hour of the online registrations being available .
The swimmers all met at 7am at the Club Nautico which is located at the harbour in the Old Town and they set off for the island by boat at 7.45am .
The swim began at 8.15 heading for the finishing line on Mal Pas beach .The distance being just 2 nautical miles .This is 3,600 metres .Last year the winner completed the distance in 47 mins 5 secs .The winners from the last two years were not present this year as they were attending other international events .
Great care is taken over safety at this event as there are so many swimmers in the water .The Policia Local , Cruz Roja and Proteccion Civil were all present .

Calpe | Las Salinas Fish Died Naturally

Calpe on the Spanish Costa Blanca is home to the historic salt water lagoon called Las Salinas and recently hundreds of dead grey mullet were seen floating in the waters there . Naturally this was not a pleasant sight for anyone and there were fears of some environmental disaster .
The fish were removed by an environmental team with fears that it was pollution which caused their deaths .These fears were unfounded and the deaths are thought to have been to evaporation of the waters and high temperatures which would make the waters more saline .This would affect the kidneys of the animals and also deplete oxygen .
Las Salinas is a natural lagoon which was enlarged by the Romans for salt production which they could then export around their empire .Historically it was topped by by a link to the sea .Today fresh water which is pumped into the lagoon daily for 20 hours bringing with it open water fish and other species .
The flamingoes are a common sight at the lagoon and they feed on micro-crustaceans in the water .These would die if there was pollution and the flamingoes would then leave the lagoon .There are also 40 breeding pairs of Black Winged Stilts at the lagoon and theae are also very sensitive to pollution .
Normally in circumstances such as this the dead fish would be left to feed other animals in the ecosystem but because of tourists and perceived health risks this could not be allowed .Happily this place has now come under the control of Madrid and any risk of the lagoon being drained and developed have gone .It will soon be part of the natural reserve of Peñon de Ifach .

Elche | Sex Attackers Arrested

The local police in Elche , near Alicante on the Spanish Costa Blanca , have arrested two people for allegedly abusing children sexually .This news was released by the City Hall .
Lastweek a Romanian man was stopped and detained in the gardens behind the Jesuitinas School on suspicion of abusing two girls aged 13 and 14 .
It is thought that 2 men approached the girls and invited them to go to a bar together .They refused and then one of the men held them and touched them inappropriatly without their permission until one of them raised the alarm by screaming for help to a woman who was coming out of a nearby doorway .
The police were called and they arrested one of the men at around 9.30 that evening .During the Elche fiestas an underage girl reported a young man pulling her to the ground by her hair and threatening to rape her .He fled when she started to scream .She called the police a few days later when she recognised the man outside her home .He was arrested and admitted the offence .He said that he wanted to rape her because she had laughed at him .This man had previous convictions for sexual assault .
When is society going to eduacate boys about respecting women and not viewing them as sexual objects .

El Verger | New Handicraft Shop

El Verger is inland slightly from Denia on the Spanish Costa Blanca .A new handicraft shop has opened in the small town and soon they will be exhibiting an exhibition of paintings .The handicraft shop is called El Verger Artesanias and can be found between Mas y Mas and the Dia supermarkets on the main N-332 passing through the town .
The shop is a new cooperative venture between artists and artisans run by Cazie and Jules Millington with all the profits going to local charities and Caritas .
The items on display vary from jewellery , quilts , and needlework to cards , paintings , prints , toys , plates and many other things .
The Painting for Pleasure Art Club have decided to hold their exhibition there this year from September 12 to September 20 from 10am to 2pm Tuesday to saturday .The shop is closed on a Sunday and Monday .

Teulada -Moraira | Lions Have Successful Concert

The Lions Club of Teulada- Moraira had their second summer concert on the sea front near the castle in Moraira on the Spanish Costa Blanca . The concert , which took place on August 17 was a huge success .
The concert was sponsored by the Costa Blanca Business Association and the concert was given by Black Glitter .
The audience was large and very appreciative of the music presented by the band .
Three weeks previouslythere had been a ” Lady Gaga ” Tribute show and the collection there put 1500 euros into the charity pot .
All of these concerts are basically free .The Lions do provide some seating but a posse of collectors with buckets go around the crowd and ask for a donation .
The Black Glitter concert was even more generously supported with a collection of 1600 euros .
The final concert in this summer series will be on Sunday September 7 when Manhatten Jazz will perform . The Lions are also opening their new charity shop very soon and that is situated near Barclay´s Bank on the road to Benitaxell .

Spanish News | Russian Ban On EU Imports

As part of the Russian ban on EU imports for the next 12 months , Spanish fruit and vegetables will be affected .It has been decided that the excess fruit and veggies will be donated to charity .
Brussels has also agreed to alleviate losses resulting from the ban with an 125 million cash allocation .The ban arrived just as fruit and vegetable production peaked and the money will help to stabilise prices and also compensate growers who lack storage options or alternatives to the now closed Russian borders .All growers will be eligible to take up this support .Grants will be available between now and November .
Last year Spain exported 337 million euros worth to Russia .Between January and May it was about 107 million euros .So there is a large shortfall .
A spokesperson felt that it was the European market which needed more protecting than the Russian one .It is highly likely that Russians will not be happy either as they will miss out on many products .
It has also been said that national governments will have to participate in the recompensing of growers , not just the EU .

Spanish News | Fall In Cigarette Sales

During the last 5 years cigarette sales in Spain have fallen by 47% .A National Health Survey discovered that 24% of the Spanish population over the age of 15 admitted that they smoked every day , compared with 30% in 2000 .Some of this reduction must be put down to the education of people about the risks involved when you smoke .
Many people believe that it is the increased tax on cigarettes that has had an even greater effect .
Another survey has found out that almost 9% of the cigarettes smoked in Spain are contraband ( no taxes paid to the government ) and then there are those brought into Spain legally ( no taxes paid to the government ) and the two add up to 11% of all cigarettes smoked in Spain .This means that the tax man loses 718 million euros a year .
Low cost brands account for another 11% and the sales of these brands are increasing .Some of these like Fortuna and Brooklyn are made in Spain in Logroño at the last cigarette factory on the Spanish mainland .There is a factory making cigars in Cantabria .
The Logroño factory employs 560 staff compared to 650 in the past and there are fears for its future .The factory is profitable and productive but the market is shrinking and Europe could soon need fewer factories .

Spanish News | Freight Train Sector Grows Smaller

The freight train sector in Europe has grown by 4% in the last decade while in Spain it has fallen by 50% .There are 7 independent freight operators in Spain and they see thir industry as being strategically important and say that progress is being hindered .
They lay the blame fairly and squarly at the door of RENFE the State rail operator .They accuse them of disloyal competition since the 2006 deregulation .They say that Renfe practises predatory and disproportionate price strategies that have plunged the sector into an untenable situation .
Renfe has multimillion losses but they offset these against their other companies .They say that Renfe Freight has restricted the development in the private sector allowing them only 20% of the market since 2006 .
They go on to say that deregulation was not accompanied by better infrastructure .Spain´s track width is different , sidings are too short for foreign trains and also timetables are incompatible with international logistics .All in all not a good situation for these private companies to be facing .

Spanish News | How To Balance Work and Family

The latest statistics show that 97% of Spanish women work on part-time contracts . In the present long running economic crisis when bringing in some extra cash is so important these women are finding it difficult to juggle work and family responsibilities .Naturally some companies are much more accommodating in this department than are others .
Repsol has 1200 employees working from home and is the best company in Spain from this respect .It encourages tele-working . This was discovered by the International Institute of Political Science in its survey .
The second best company in Spain was the dairy products company Leche Pascual .It also has flexi-hours , tele-working and reduced working days .
Vodafone came third and this was again due to flexi-hours but also for allowing more time for breast feeding during the first year after a female employee has given birth .
Spain´s worst employers for reconciling family and employment were Mediamarkt , Tolsa , Port Aventura , Carrefour , Auchan and El Corte Ingles .

Spanish News | Ministry of Interior Advises On Rape

There has been a furore caused by the advice which the Spanish Ministry of the Interior has doled out to women in Spain about rape .
The impression given by the ministry is that women can avoid being raped if they do such ridiculous things as ” carry a whistle ” .
The advice also suggested drawing curtains if you are in the house alone .So if someone breaks into your house and you haven´t drawn the curtains then the attack is your fault ! It is amazing that they haven´t suggested that all females should dress more modestly .
One point is that women cannot trust men to behave in an acceptable fashion .Women have to be wary all the time .Some women even have to be wary of their own husbands and boyfriends .
Now it would be an excellent idea if the PP party had suggested presenting special programmes in every school and college around the country which taught young boys and young men to respect females .If that was done then the incidence of this crime would drop within a few years .Most of the attitudes that men have towards women begin in their own homes when they experience the way in which their own fathers treat their mother .
An outcry has been caused on social media such as Twitter where people have told the government in no uncertain terms what they think of this advice and that the government should realise who is the victim and who is the criminal .

Benidorm | Preparing For Rain

This has been a long and very dry spring and summer .This means that the ground becomes like concrete and gullies and drains can become clogged with debris .
Once the rain decides to come , as it will , then unless councils have prepared for it , there could be big problems .
Benidorm town council has called upon the regional waterboard to clear gullies and dry river beds before the autumn .There is abundant foliage as well as rubbish in dry watercourses on the outskirts of Benidorm .There are streams that are chanelled through the urban areas of the town and these are the responsibility of the town council .However , outside thse areas it is the CHJ water board , dependent on the Central government´s Environment Ministry that should deal with that .
If these areas are not cleared then with heavy rain these gullies will flood , overflow and flood urban areas too .Clearing them should be a top priority at the moment .
Spending cuts have reduced the number of workers normally employed to carry out these tasks and so it is even more important not to leave the work until the last moment .

Alcoy | Watchtower To Spot Fires

Alcoy town council has decided to build a watchtower in the Sant Antoni National Park so that volunteers who work in the park can use on a regular basis to spot fires if they occur .If a fire is spotted quickly then it can be extinguished equally quickly and prevent damage .
The Environment councillor has already placed the project on display and has sent the appropriate paperwork to the regional government for approval .
The aim is to get the approval and construct it before next season in 2015 when their fire prevention campaign becomes fully operational .The tower will be 7 metres high and stand on a concrete base .The tower has to fully integrate into its surroundings so that even though it is so high it will not be an eyesore .The volunteers will immediately have a much better overview of the park and so will be able to prevent fire damage .Naturally there is a forum for members of the public to air their views on the project .