Alicante | Airport Name Change

Alicante airport is now newly named Alicante-Elche airport .The airport has never been in Alicante but always in Elche , so this is a compromise of sorts .

When you change a name then it costs money to do so because of changed signage and the change to signs here have cost almost 25,000 euros .The cost has been met by 15 local businessmen .A contractor now has 2 months to put them up .

The mayor of Alicante has recognised that the change of name is a fair change because of the airport actually being in the municipality of Elche . Each businessman has put up between 500 and 6000 euros each to ensure that the Elche council would not have to foot the bill .

AENA , the Spanish airport authority actually put in a tender for the work at 50,000 euros but another is doing the job for half the price .The name of the airport was officially changed last July .

The change of name will of course provide Elche with free tourist publicity all over the world .The use of both public and private money for such an enterprise is possibly the way forward for other projects .

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