Alicante Province | Colon Cancer Detection Promises

The Valencia region health authority has stated that a colon cancer test will be available to everyone in Alicante Province this year .However GP´s have warned that this may not be possible .

GP´s have formally complained  that the health authority is currently stopping  them from sending people suspected of having the disease for a colonoscopy examination .

What is in fact happening is that the patient is being referred to a specialist and is then having to wait another two to three weeks for any action to take place .Some times they have to wait even longer .

One GP has stated that one of his patients had clear symptoms of the disease and waited two weeks for a consultation and then the consultant immediately referred him for a colonoscopy .

The GP´s stress that the time factor between diagnosis and treatment is crucial in having a good outcome for the patient .

The health authority has said that the reason for the sending to a specialist was to make certain that only the most urgent cases were dealt with first .

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