Alicante Province | El Hondo Reservoir is Filled

El Hondo natural park lies in Alicante province  and the Western reservoir in El Hondo has now been refilled with fresh water from the River Segura after being drained to clean the bed of encrusted salt .

The regional government started the drainage in September as evaporation caused by high temperatures was affecting the quality of the water used by farmers as irrigation .It was also affecting the health of the bird population .

This is the first time that one of these reservoirs has been emptied in their 100 year history .The regional government had invested half a million euros in stainless steel flood gates reinforced with concrete plus 190 metres of piping which meant that the water need not be pumped out , it just drained out to sea .

The park has to meet the needs of the land owning farmers as well as the environment and in 2011 the regional government made such an agreement .Now clean water will benefit the farmers and the environment .

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