Alicante Province | Population Drop Figures For The Province

The Spanish National Statistics Institute has just published its latest population census from January 2013 .Alicante Province has dropped from fourth place to fifth  in the most populated province ratings .Sevilla has moved into fourth place .

The INE figures show that Alicante had 1,854,244 inhabitants while Sevilla had 1,936,703 inhabitants . This difference has increased during the year and figures show that Alicante has dropped even further  by over 2000 .In Sevilla the drio over the same period was just 100 .

There are now almost 90,000 fewer people living in Alicante province than there were in 2012 . The INE do not calculate these figures from data in town halls vis the padrones .They say that the way in which they do it is now much more accurate and includes people who spend most of the year in Spain .

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