Alicante | Regional Government President Visits Catral

The president of the Valencia Region , Alberto Fabra , visited Catral near Alicante last week .He visited a company which produces juices and other products from pomegranates .

He praised Vitalgrana as an example of how a traditional sector can offer new and top quality products . New business opportunities evolve from what is already commonplace in the area .

Fabra stressed that research , innovation and diversification are the essential tools to increase competitiveness and customer loyalty .As well as trhe factory he visited the museum which is owned by the company .The museum explains about the history , growing and the production processes . Fabra said that the regional government would continue to support research and marketing  to improve production .

The company started in 2008 and is very environmentally focused  supporting traditional farming methods  .90% of the pomegranates grown in Europe are grown in this area of Alicante . As well as juice they also make cosmetics and homeopathic substances .

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