Andalucia | Father Found Guilty Of Murdering His Children

A Cordoba Provincial Court jury in Andalucia , has found Jose Breton guilty of the murder of his two children .

Ruth ( 6 ) and Jose ( 2 ) were reported missing by the father in October 2011 , in Cordoba . The father had claimed that they had been kidnapped while playing in a local park but his behaviour made the police suspect that he was involved in their disappearance .

He was arrested 10 days later and has been in prison ever since .It has been alleged that the burned remains of the children were found in a bonfire discovered on land owned by his parents .Initially the forensic reports said the remains were those of small animals but a later report refuted this .The intense heat of the fire destroyed all DNA but there were too many other things pointing to the father having killed them .

To the end the father protested his innocence .However the peoples jury found him guilty .The jury had deliberated for 3 days .He now faces 40 years in prison while his lawyer is asking for him to be acquitted .The sentence will be announced next month .

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