Benidorm | Left Out Of Madrid Station

The new AVE train which now travels from Madrid to Alicante every day from Atocha station is causing some consternation in Benidorm on the Spanish Costa Blanca because there are no Benidorm leaflets displayed on the AVE stand .

The famous Costa Blanca resort sent 10,000 leaflets to the stand , which is run jointly by the regional government ´s tourist department, the Costa Blanca Tourist Board and Alicante City Council.

Benidorm´s councillor for Tourism says that they are nowhere to be seen .They have been given feedback from people that they have actually asked for Benidorm information and there hasn´t been any .

There have been accusations that the southern Costa Blanca is being favoured  at the expense of Benidorm .The tourist board has distanced itself from the controversy , alleging that it had no control over the stand , which is organised by Alicante City .

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