Benidorm | Plans To Get Tougher On Street Beggars

Benidorm , on the Spanish Costa Blanca , has put forward a plan to change the by-laws governing begging in the town centre .It was discussed at the last full council meeting .

The PSOE-CDL run council wants to stop allowing people to beg in the busy tourist zones .It also wants to take stronger action againstĀ  gangs who use disabled people and children to beg for money .

The council says that it wants to help those who are begging via social services but it also wants to do something about the ever increasing number of people who are begging in the streets .

The council could issue a fine of 750 euros to people caught begging .How they are expected to pay such a fine is another question .There is certainly an issue which needs addressing when organised gangs actually make people beg .That is the one that they need to be addressing .

Street musicians , artists and other street entertainers would be exempt from the ban as they can obtain licenses to perform .Now so many people are being forced onto the streets to beg because it is their only chance of survival .

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