Benidorm | Terra Mitica Scruitinised

Benidorm is a well known Spanish resort on the Spanish Costa Blanca .It is known for many entertainments and one of them is Terra Mitica . This theme park , for some reason , has never been a success :it has never made any money  and the reasons are still a mystery .

Access from Benidorm is easy and it even has its own little station on the railway line from Alicante to Denia and so it should have everything going for it .

It was expected that it would have at least 3 million visitors a year but it barely makes a million and it has now been open for almost 12 years .

Not only has it not made any money , it has actually cost the tax payers money , hundreds of millions of euros .It is now in private hands but it only opens for 4 months of the year .

Now the theme park and its workings are going to be scruitinised by a team of students from 8 different countries under the leadership of a professor from the Architectural Association in London.

They will analyse why this attraction fails to attract more visitors .The professor has already visited the park and sees the huge potential there and hopefully will now be able to tease out the reasons that stop it being successful .Once that is done then a plan of action can take place to rectify matters .

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