Benidorm | Wrecked Cars Removed

The Sierra Helada natural park near Benidorm on the Spanish Costa Blanca , has become a prime spot for people to dump their cars and now Benidorm council has decided to remove them .The first one to be removed crashed there over a year ago .

One of the reasons for the delay has been that there have been legal restrictions and these have only recently been lifted .Another one has been there for much longer , almost 30 years and had become buried partially .Firemen had to use special equipment to extricate it .

All of this is part of an ongoing programme by the council to remove all dumped waste from the park .This includes a number of abandoned vehicles which were dumped in this protected area .

In 2009 the ministry for the environment also started to clean up the area of cars which dated back to the 70´s plus a mass of white goods such as cookers and fridges .Because of the number of items this is a programme which will continue for a while .

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