Costa Blanca | Skin Cancer Patients Predominantly British

Denia hospital on the Spanish Costa Blanca detects , and treats more skin cancers than any other hospital in Spain .Seven out of ten of those patients are British .

The average statistic for malignant melanoma in Spain is six in every 100,000 people but in the Denia hospital area the incidence is 10 in every 100,000 .

The British residents tend to have fairer skins than many other residents in the area and are therefore more prone to developing skin cancer .

When people with fair skin burn badly then they are running the risk of developing a melanoma at some point in their lives .In the summer people should regularly check their moles , freckles and birth marks  It is the flat variety that need careful watching , especially if they change shape or bleed .

On June 24 in Benissa there will be a free clinic which will allow people to have their skins checked .The clinic will take place at the AECC offices in Calle San Pedro 5 from 4pm to 8pm .

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