Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″for Samsung P7510/ P5100

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Picture Of Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″for Samsung P7510/ P5100
Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″for Samsung P7510/ P5100

Amazon Price: $49.00 $26.98 You save: $22.02 (45%). (as of October 25, 2014 1:23 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

The leather case is designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.
It not only protects your device it folds up neatly to be a stand so you can use your tablet at home, travelling or in the office. This leather case with a bluetooth keyboard is easy to fit and convenient to use with your device.
If the keyboard is not required then it simply folds behind your device, out of sight.
This stunningly attractive and unique case is the ultimate compliment to the classy look of your device.
The case has cut outs for all functions of your device, maintaining full functionality while in this case.
Suitable for: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with specific carriers and versions (See the incompatibilities above)
Bluetooth version: 2.0
Sleeping current:

Technical Details

  • Part Number: P5100-SJP-20X
  • Item Weight: 1 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 0.4 x 0.4 x 0.4 inches
  • Origin: Imported (China)
  • Item model number: ATC-PULSGT10-BK
  • Size: Suitable
  • Color: Transparent
  • Style: Silicone Keyboard
  • Item Package Quantity: 1
  •  :  

Customer Reviews

nice keyboard and case

 March 16, 2012
By Jason
fits the 10.1 perfectly. has openings in the front and back for the cameras, sensors, speakers, charger port… nothing is blocked. tablet slides into open window pocket from the top and is held in place by a tucked in tab, which keeps it from falling out.

nice quality case. i get compliments on how it looks.

the keyboard is a smaller size, but works pretty good. will have to double check my typing once in a while for double typed letters, but i can get up a decent typing speed considering it’s a smaller silicone keyboard. F and J keys have a raised bump so you can easily find the home keys in the dark. it looks like a windows bluetooth keyboard, as there is a windows key (cannot find any usage yet), as well as a context menu key, also has control, alt, del keys (just tried ctrl+alt+del and it restarted my tablet) function keys work as well. the keyboard charges with a micro usb port (cord was included) located on the side.

two minor downsides i can think of:

if you use tablet’s port, you cannot close the case properly. you still can, but you will have to shift the tablet out of it’s pocket a little.

although you can flip the keyboard around so you can use the tablet by itself, the keyboard will be on the outside so it’s a little odd when you hold it.

other than that, it’s a great product

A lot for your money!

 July 3, 2012
By bowchick
I bought this BLUETOOTH Keyboard after reading several reviews on other products. I love the beautiful pink color, it’s just right! The keys are soft, so they don’t require a lot of force as a normal keyboard. The quality of the case is wonderful, looks and feels a lot more expensive than it is. I’m typing this review with this product! Very pleased, and I highly recommend it!

I didn’t want it but I love it now.

 September 7, 2012
By Chenoa_Cx3
So I bought this completely on accident and I was kicking myself for it. I was very angry that Amazon wouldn’t let me cancel the order and I was counting out all of the better ways I thought I could have spent $30. Turns out I got it literally the day after it shipped which is amazing speed! If this isn’t leather it’s fooled me. It even smells like genuine leather and it’s just gorgeous. The inside has a very soft pretty suede like fabric and the keyboard is a nice color as well. It’s not that icky pepto-bismol color as seen in the photos. It came charged and the keyboard works beautifully though it is very easy to forget it’s on. I also love how protective the case is and how you can fold it back anyway you’d like so if you don’t want to use the keyboard you can just fold it behind the cover and use the case like a normal one.

I am very happy with this purchase even if I thought at first that I would wind up reselling it.

5 stars for function and 1 star for documentation – still a value

 February 1, 2013
By Mike Tarrani "Jazz Drummer"
I purchased this as a gift for a friend who has both an iPhone 4 and iPad. When it arrived I decided to test it out on my Android phone to make sure it worked properly.

Much to my dismay it had no instructions in the box, nor any written on the box. What threw me is the Connect button sits in a shallow recess that felt like it was an indicator light. Fortunately I am both technical and tenacious. On a hunch I took a ballpoint and pressed the button lightly while my Galaxy Note II was scanning. Bam! It paired. When I told my phone to connect it told me to enter a 4-digit number sequence in the keyboard, and it connected effortlessly. See the customer-supplied images at the top of this page for photos.

Had I been a non- or quasi-technical person I would have probably given up and shipped it back for a refund. As it turns out this is one of the nicest keyboards I have come across. The quality is remarkable for such a low cost device, and if you are using this with an iPhone or iPad then I think you will find this to be not only functional, but a visual delight as well.

Here are the instructions for anyone who is researching keyboards and decides to order this one. Please refer to my uploaded photos for visual reinforcement.

(1) place 2 AAA batteries in the battery compartment.

(2) move the On/Off switch to the left to place it in the on position.

(3) go into your device’s settings and find the bluetooth settings screen. Have it scan for new devices.

(4) depress the Connect button on the back of the keyboard (it is to the right of the On/Off switch). You may need to use the tip of a ballpoint pen or similar object because the depression in which the button sits is small and shallow. My finger was too large to depress it without a ballpoint.

(5) it will appear on your screen once it is paired. Next, tell your device to connect to it, then follow the onscreen instructions by entering the number displayed on your screen using the keyboard and pressing ENTER.

I am so impressed that I am ordering one for my own phone. I hope the manufacturer gets a clue and creates a simple instruction sheet. It would take a single side of a page, and would significantly enhance the ownership experience and satisfaction of new customers who are not tech-savvy.

Decent, but beware the pitfalls

 March 22, 2012
By Paul E. Harrison
First a note: I bought this purely for the keyboard. My tablet doesn’t have such a case available and I was hoping it’d fit but had back-up plans if it didn’t. As it was… no, my Lenovo K1 (not recommended) does not fit this case, but the keyboard works, so… I have to say though it’s a very nice case and I wish it did fit. If I had a Tab I’d be all over it.

Let’s talk about the keyboard. It’s made of rubber, and the “Q” to “P” keys occupy slightly less (say, 5%?) width than the Q through P keys on my desktop keyboard, which isn’t bad and certainly isn’t significantly different enough to cause any problems. The keyboard is a standard bluetooth unit, and will work with any device that needs a bluetooth keyboard. It charges via a micro-USB port – a cable, but not a charger, is supplied with the unit, so you can charge it by plugging it in to your PC.

Once turned on, the keyboard seems to be active all the time – that is, I didn’t have problems with the keyboard “going to sleep” and needing to be pressed a few times before becoming active again like other BT keyboards I’ve used. Overall, it’s a good implementation of Bluetooth.

The fact the keyboard is rubber makes sense – you don’t want something harder scratching up your screen. But at the same time, it does have some downsides. It’s not really possible to type at speed as the buttons frequently, if pressed too hard or in the wrong place, double (iiee you offften fiind youu”ve typped soometthing liike thiss) The feel is OK, but overall it kind of reminds me of a Sinclair Spectrum – remember them?

Another factor that causes problems is that not all keys are present, and those that are aren’t always in the same place. There’s no right shift key, which you’re likely to hit out of habit. The quotation marks are by the arrow keys, rather than near the Enter key. += is by Backspace. There’s a row of dedicated function keys at the top of the keyboard, but most of these appear to be non-functional on my tablet.

The major advantage of the keyboard is that it’s somewhat nicer to type on than the screen, and that the screen doesn’t get messed up by having a huge keyboard occupy a third of it when you use it.

Overall some compromises need to be made to make a useful device and they’re not bad, but you need to bear them in mind. The keyboard will not turn your tablet into a Netbook, but this keyboard is definitely better than the on screen keyboards by a few order of magnitudes. And the price is good too.

The Right Choice!

 July 24, 2012
By Shellyflo
After reviewing a variety of different bluetooth keyboards in various price ranges, I decided to give this one a try. I was still a bit skeptical because the price seemed too good to be a top quality product based on similar keyboards at much hight price points. So, here it is. If you are looking at this, JUST BUY IT! You won’t be disappointed. I was also amazed at how quickly I received my keyboard cover. I ordered it late Friday night. Shipped on Saturday. In my hand Monday afternoon!

If you like pink, the color is perfect–much like the color of bubble gum. The size is perfect–only 1″ thick with ipad & keyboard closed inside. The case’s fold-over design is perfect for either using the keyboard flat in front of you, or you can fold the closure flap under and use the keyboard at an elevated angle. The keyboard has a soft rubber feel–not hard like a traditional keyboard–you may have to adjust to the texture & touch pressure difference. The initial bluetooth connection was as easy as turning on a small switch on the side of the keyboard, pressing the connect button on the keyboard & waiting 5 seconds for the ipad to recognize the device & make connection. The case folds up nicely–leaving access to easily charge your ipad.

So far, the only complaint I have is that I wish my ipad would power off when I close the case like my Roocase does. Not really a big deal–just have to push the easily accessible ipad power button (just a nice added feature the Roocase offers!) In all, very happy! This is truly the RIGHT CHOICE–exactly what I was looking for–and at a GREAT PRICE POINT! Don’t pay double when you don’t have to!

Way better than expected

 August 22, 2012
By geppetto420
I have owned this keyboard for 2 weeks or so and am surprised at the quality/price ratio. I bought it to use with my Galaxy Nexus phone and an HDMI MHL adapter, to turn my phone into more of a portable workstation.

- Very nice price
- Small, but not too small. Very portable.
- I received it fast, in 2 days.
- Aesthetically awesome.

- It is kinda loud typing on it
- The buttons go in a little too far, sometimes I fumble typing on it because of that.
- No End, Home, Page up/down, delete keys. (delete is backspace)

For someone on a budget needing a Bluetooth keyboard, this one is pretty great.

Works Perfectly!

 September 12, 2012
By Jordan
I purchased this for my Nexus 7 and it works perfectly! I have only had it for a couple days but thus far it is exactly what I needed for the right price. I use it for note taking in class and, seeing as that is generally fast paced, this works great and I have very few problems with missing keys, or any problems for that matter. It feels sturdy enough and the material is good enough. It is full size, so it works for my bigger hands, and comes in a box that is easy to carry around in my backpack. I am currently writing this review with the keyboard and as you can see, it works really well. Unless it freaks out for some odd reason in the next few weeks, I would say this is a steal! Works great, looks great, and is affordable. My kind of product.

Update: still works great after 3 months and I am glad I made the purchase. One negative I’ve found is that after having the keyboard connected to my nexus 7 for a long period of time it sometimes, rarely, will cause my nexus to not register touch as well. I just restart it and its fine but it is a negative. Still for the price and function I still give it five stars

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