Orihuela | The Churches and Property Taxes

The tax councillor for Orihuela on the Spanish Costa Blanca has stated this week that the diocese of Orihuela -Alicante has 100 properties in Orihuela alone which do not pay the IBI property tax because they are owned by the church .

While the rest of the population has to pay their taxes the Spanish government and the Vatican came to an agreement in 1979 where properties owned by the church were exempted from this payment .

The Orihuela tax councillor is attempting to reverse this and at the moment his requests are falling on deaf ears .If the church was to pay its property tax bill for all of their properties in the town the council would gain 165,000 euros a year .This equates to about 25% of the Orihuela income .

The tax councillor has spoken with the tax collectors SUMA and they6 have advised that he does not take legal action as other towns have tried and failed because the agreement between the government and the vatican was very clear and the court will always rule in favour of the church .

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