Spanish News | Another Price Hike For Electricity

From January 1st the price of electricity in Spain will rise by 11% .They certainly know how to kick people when they are down .

The reason for this massive increase has been blamed on the 10.5% increase in the cost of buying energy by the various electricity companies  and a further 0.7% in the cost levied by the government  , which makes up about 60% of each bill .

This week´s auction of electricity set a price of 61.83 euros  for each Megawatt / hour which is 30% higher than at the last auction .. The actual cost of electricity makes up 40% of the bill and it is this part which will increase by 10.5% .

The energy minister has stated that the priority of the government is to reduce their deficit and they think that it is better to do that than see the debt of the country rise .Maybe if those in power had kept a closer eye on the country´s spending and borrowing in the past then the country and many others would not be in the present state that they find themselves and the general public would be able to keep warm this winter .

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