Spanish News | Great Things About Spanish Workmen

When we moved to Spain 13 years ago we chose to buy a house which was very dilapidated and which needed 6 months of work to be done on it .

We decided to employ a Spanish builder who was recommended by our Spanish estate agent and we never regretted it .They built walls , the swimming pool , ripped out and constructed bathrooms and kitchens .

What amazed us was their work ethic .The Spanish were often portrayed as feckless and lazy workers .well , they are not and they put to shame the Brits who choose to work out here .

They would arrive each day on the dot of 8am and work through until 9.30 when they would take a 30 minute break for breakfast . They were always working again by 10am and did so until 1.30 when they had an hour break for lunch .At 2.30 they worked through until 6.30 without a break and they did this week in week out . We were impressed .

Twelve years later we are having some refurbishments done and we have chosen the same firm to do the work .It is deja vu —the work ethic is still the same and we are once again impressed .

We have sampled British workers out here and they turn up at 9.30 and work until 12.30 .They take a 2 hour break and work until 4.30 if you are lucky .They charge more and the only plus side is that we are able to communicate more easily .

My advice would be to go by recommendation but to choose a Spanish company every time .

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