Spanish News | Remembrance of Bombing Victims

During the Spanish Civil War in Torrevieja 19 people died in a bombardment of the fish market by fascist troops and now the opposition parties in Torrevieja are asking for some form of remembrance of that tragic event .

There will be a full council meeting at which the PSOE and Green Party will put forward the motion and will take questions . The PSOE spokesperson has asked for a minutes silence to be held at the meeting .The nineteen died on August 25 1938 .The two parties also want a plaque to remember the dead .

It was Italian bombers that bombed the fish market killing men , women and children . Over the years the PP party has consistently refused to do anything to remember these war dead .A representitive of the Green Party pointed out that the PP were committing a grave error of judgement by ignoring what the pople of Torrevieja want .

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