Valencia | Legislation Lowers Ages For Firecracker Usage

The Fallas are due to start in the Valencia region in about 2 weeks and everyone knows just what a noisy affair they can be .Firecrackers are set off at all times of the day and night , or so it seems .

Now children as young as 8 years will be permitted to throw firecrackers during the fiesta . The regional authorities have lowered the national minimum age from 10 to 8 for the products which are classed  as Category 1 and from 16 years to 10 years for those classed as Category 2 .

Children below the age of 8 are not allowed to handle any explosive device, including the harmless “bombetas ” .If they are discovered doing so then their parents will be fined a minimum of 300 euros .

Children who do throw these bangers have to be accompanied by an adult and they must carry with them an authorisation slip . This is a document , signed by the parents which states that the child has had instruction about the correct usage of such devices . They can only be thrown in certified places and at certain times .They are only permitted to use certain types of fireworks .It is highly regulated and as long as people follow those regulations , then hopefully safe .

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