Valencia | One Of The Top Region For Fire Arrests

The Valencia region comes third in the statistics for Spain over arrests for starting fires .A total of 173 suspects have been arrested or charged in relation to 1700 fires between January and August this year .In fact 140 people were charged with either starting a fire through negligence or arson .These figures are the third largest after Galicia and Andalucia .

However , the good news is that the numbers have actually dropped by 54% over the same time last year .The Guardia Civil environmental branch ( SEPRONA ) has intervened in 1700 cases so far this year , 30% of which were accidental fires , 28% were negligence ,18% were arson and 24% were due to natural causes .

Naturally there are regions which are far more prone to natural fires and also accidental fires by the very nature of the terrain and the climate of that region .

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