Valencia Province | Pardon For Mother of Three

In 2007 in Requena in the Province of Valencia a single mum found a wallet in the street , it contained credit cards which she used to purchase nappies and food for her two daughters .

She made three purchases which totaled about 400 euros  and then she threw the cards away because she felt afraid .

Investigations led the police to the young woman and she was given a 22 month prison sentence  for appropriating and using the credit cards and six months for fraud . This latter was later changed to community service which the young woman completed  .She was also given a 900 euro fine , which she is paying off in instalments .

However , the prison sentence still hung over her , even though the owner of the credit cards had forgiven her . Six years later the woman has married and has another child . She has not been in any trouble and leads a normal life .

The 22 month prison sentence has been lifted because her plight became national news and almost 200,000 people signed a petition asking for a government pardon , which arrived just 10 days before she was due to go to prison .

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