Valencia Region | IBI Tax Rises Approved

There has been approval for a 10% rise in the rate at which IBI ( property tax ) is calculated on the rateable value of a property .What this will mean in real terms for each town will depend onwhen the last rateable value revision was done .

In the case of San Juan in Alicante ProvinceĀ  the last revision was in 2003 and so the rate at which the tax will be calculatedĀ  will rise by 1% but in the case of Algorfa the last revision was in 1995 and so the rate will rise by 1.07% .

In Alicante City there will be no increase in tax in 2014 but they have warned that the promised 10% reduction for next year will not take place now .The City council had to borrow 27 million to pay back outstanding debts and so the 10% increase for 2012 and 2013 will stay in place .

In Crevillente the mayor has stated that this rise has to be studied very carefully before any increases are levied but in Crevillente there will be no increase in 2014 .In fact they might even reduce the tax .

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